Customized funeral service aftercare

A portal to hope for your families

The importance of Aftercare

Why it works
Funeral aftercare has proven value through serving families and building relationships. Offering an effective aftercare program creates referrals for both at-need and preneed products because word of mouth from a satisfied customer is the most powerful form of advertising.

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Choose from 3 options for providing aftercare resources to your families. Each option includes the iCare Series, over 100 support websites, helpful videos, free printables, discounted resources for your families, and more.

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iCare Webkey Program

Your key to success
Including a webkey in your family’s at time of need packet gives them unlimited access to the iCare family of resources. When plugged into a computer, the webkey's USB automatically goes to a website where they can access helpful iCare resources 24/7.

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The iCare advantage

Customized for your funeral home
Customized with your logo, your funeral home receives the recognition while the families get the support they need after losing a loved one.

Free from threat of viruses, webkeys provide unlimited access 24/7.

Aftercare Certification

Accredited certification training
Designed specifically for funeral professionals, learn everything you need to confidently create and provide aftercare services and outreach for the families and communities you serve.

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