iCare Leader Code of Conduct

iCare Leader Code of Conduct


The iCare Chapter Code of Conduct is designed to assist chapter leaders with leading iCare grief support groups. By adhering to the same rules and procedures, it preserves the quality and integrity of chapters around the world.

International Grief Institute, LLC is a limited liability corporation. The following policies assist the organization and its chapters in adhering to chapter policies and providing for adequate responsibility.

The mission of all iCare chapters is to provide support to individuals who have lost a loved one regardless of the manner of death, relationship, religious views, or cultural or philosophical differences. Each chapter leader shall abide by this code of conduct. Failing to do so may result in chapter termination.

Organizational Structure

Chapters are managed by chapter leaders. Chapter leaders must be over the age of 30, have firsthand loss of a loved one, and be at least 3 years out from that death. Although not required, every chapter should have two leaders.

Chapter leaders must establish a chapter phone number for the purpose of communicating with members, and that number shall be up to date with the International Grief Institute at all times.

Chapter leaders must notify International Grief Institute of any change in chapter leadership, email addresses, phone numbers, meeting date and time.

Chapter leaders are responsible for managing their own meetings and members, and recording those members with International Grief Institute. They are also responsible for communicating with International Grief Institute regarding chapter management, resources, etc.

The chapter fee is $99 per year which covers administration costs. Individual chapters reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee at its discretion.

Chapters may operate scheduled sessions in 6, 8, 10, or 12-week increments, open drop-in, or ongoing and may use materials from the iCare workbooks in any order they wish. Individual members are to keep their own workbooks, regardless who paid for them. Leader manuals may be used over again.

Chapters may use the iCare trademark on chapter material only. It is not for personal use, and no modifications or alteration is permitted.

Chapters may be affiliated with other organizations though are prohibited from espousing religious, political or philosophical ideology. For example, the FAVOR – Greenville overdose group is an iCare chapter, and has permission to use iCare material for group support.

No iCare leader shall make any public statement, give testimony or be quoted in any publication in the name of iCare or the International Grief Institute as supporting or opposing activities or organi-zations which have such a legislative or vote-influencing purpose.

Chapters must avoid giving publicity or attention to such activities in a way that advocacy or support of the activity could be reasonably inferred. Objective reporting is permissible, but support or endorsement is not.

Chapter Meetings

Chapters may meet on a frequency schedule of their choosing. Should one leader be unable to attend, it is expected that the second leader will facilitate the meeting rather than cancel the meeting.

Chapters are open to all members regardless of age, race, creed, social status, sex or financial condition. Chapters should provide a welcoming atmosphere for all who attend. Sensitivity is encouraged. Three or more reports of insensitivity may result in chapter closure.

Meetings may be held in a leader’s home or a place of business.

Food and beverages may be served at the discretion and funds of chapter leaders. Wine and beer are permitted, but liability for same are the sole responsibility of chapter leaders.


Anyone can join an iCare chapter as long as they have experienced the loss type for that chapter.

Members can join more than one chapter. For example, a parent who has lost a child to overdose may join both an overdose iCare chapter and a childloss iCare chapter.

Neither members nor leaders may use iCare chapters to offer professional services, nor shall they imply that they’re offering psychotherapy or counseling. Leaders and members are welcome to conduct professional grief services outside of chapter meetings.


Chapters may fundraise but are not required to do so. Chapters keep 100% of any funds they earn through fundraising.


Website & Webpage

A chapter webpage is provided and maintained by the International Grief Institute. This webpage belongs to International Grief Institute and not the chapter webmaster.

Chapter leaders are responsible for notifying International Grief Institute of any change in meeting and/or contact information and details so the webpage can be updated in a timely fashion.

Chapter webpages may contain additional information at the discretion of chapter leaders and with approval by International Grief Institute.

To protect against criminal or malicious intent, chapters may include the birth month or death anniversary month of loved ones but not actual dates. First names may be published with permission. Photos must not be published. Personal information of members shall never be published except for leader contact information.


Each chapter may utilize email newsletters as an outreach tool at their own expense. It should be provided free of charge to all members.

Chapter newsletters must use the iCare logo to represent chapter communication, along with the following:

  • Leader name and contact information
  • International Grief Institute email address
  • National website address

Chapter newsletters may include nonendorsed advertisements but should be free of political activity and avoid inclusion of material that might be interpreted as supporting or opposing government legislation or political candidate.

Chapter newsletters may include faith-based material as long as it indicates that opinions are reflective of the author’s personal views.

Chapter mailing lists should be kept confidential and must not be shared with any outside organization, company or individual.

Chapter newsletters may print copyrighted material and graphics as long as it is able to prove it has permission to do so.


The above outlines the iCare Chapters Code of Conduct. Each leader agrees to abide by these rules at all times, and indicates understanding and agreement by completing the boxes below and returning this form to the International Grief Institute prior to commencement of its first chapter meeting.

Any questions  or concerns related to chapter management should be immediately addressed by contacting the International Grief Institute via email at [email protected] or by calling either Lynda Cheldelin Fell at 360-510-8590 or Linda Findlay at 315-725-6132.