Support groups

Support groups

The benefits of taking part in a support group go beyond sharing your feelings in a safe environment. They offer helpful information and success stories for coping with loss. It can be a very therapeutic and healing experience, and helps the bereaved feel understood and less isolated. A bonus is that they meet others just like themselves, which can lead to lifelong friendships.

Support groups can be an important part of coping with loss, but many funeral homes don’t have the time or resources to host them.

iCare can help through our 8-week virtual support groups just for your families.

iCare Support Groups

How it works:

  • 90-minute virtual sessions
  • Once weekly for 8 weeks
  • Up to 10 people per group
  • Can do custom groups
  • Just $720 per 8-week session ($1 per minute)
  • Special discount for four or more 8-week sessions per year

Hosted by your funeral home, facilitated and organized by us, it’s free for your families and community—and a turnkey outreach opportunity for your business.

Benefits of support groups:

  • Realizing you are not alone.
  • A safe place to express your feelings.
  • Helps you feel less isolated as you learn to become more comfortable moving forward after loss.
  • Learn helpful information including practical tips and resources for dealing with identical concerns.
  • Increases self-understanding.
  • Reduces distress in the long run.
  • Sharing experiences benefits everyone in the group.
  • Brings renewed hope for the future
  • More affordable than individual therapy sessions